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ELIGIBILITY: The SSIR is open to NHSRA & NJHSRA members who placed 5th through 25th in their district, state or province finals. Each contestant may enter one extra event, in addition to those he/she qualified in. Contestants may NOT enter an event that they qualified to go to the HS/JHS National Finals Rodeo even if they choose not to attend. The Queen Contest is open to the 1st attendant to the queen.  2nd or 3rd attendant may fill in if 1st attendant is unable to attend. Team ropers and ribbon ropers, whose regular partners cannot attend, may pick another partner of their choice if that person team roped at his/her district, state or province finals and will not be team roping at the National Finals Rodeo. (Partner must be entered, no draw partners accepted)  A team roper who is picked up by a qualified roper may also enter one extra event. Only one extra event is allowed regardless of the number of events a contestant qualified in and must have competed in that event during the year.


To enter rodeo, click here.


For more information, call 775-217-2810 or email at

ENTRY DIRECTIONS: Entry will be through the SSIR website using the following directions:

  1. From the “Enter Rodeo” link, click on one of the options, such as Enter High School Rodeo.  Then choose the events that you wish to order. You will be taken to the shopping cart at this point.

  2. Click the “Continue Shopping” link at the bottom of the shopping cart.

  3. Click on the next event you wish to enter, and when the shopping cart appears, again click on the “Continue Shopping” link.

  4. Continue this process for adding shirts, hats, tickets, etc.

  5. Once you have all items in your shopping cart, click the “Check-Out” button at the bottom of the shopping cart.

  6. Enter Billing Information.

  7. Enter Payment Information.

  8. Enter Other Information.

    • State / Province Team - This is a mandatory field. For most of you it is the same state of residence, however there are some contestants who live in one state and compete for another, so we want to make sure we get the team points correct.

    • Team Roping Partner - Enter name of partner only if you are entered in the team roping.

    • Biography - This information is what will be used by the announcer while you are performing your event.

    • Draw Notes - Only enter information in this box if you have a special request, such as a need to be in a separate section from another contestant due to sharing a horse.

  9. Check-In Instructions - All contestants must check in before competing and before the end of the 1st go. Enter information in this box if there is a reason that you cannot meet this requirement. An example would be that your parent or guardian won’t be present at the rodeo. In that case we will send a release form to them requiring their signature that must be returned to the SSIR secretary prior to the rodeo.

  10. Submit Order - Click the “Submit Order” button once you are sure that you have all information correct. You will receive a receipt confirmation of you order by email. Bring this with you at check-in.

  11. You may receive periodic emails from us with news and information prior to the rodeo.

  12. If you are unable to enter using the website, contact Kathryn Gonzalez, SSIRExecutive Secretary at 775-217-2810 or by email at

  • We request that all contestants bring one or two items for the scholarship auction.


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